Sterling Allen Brown English Society (SABES)

The Sterling Allen Brown English Society (SABES) is an officially recognized on-campus organization whose goal is to build community among English students and lovers of literature and related fields.

It does so by creating opportunities for extracurricular enrichment, with events including open mics, film screenings with panel discussions, and book talks, as well as workshops by English professors and other faculty, lectures, and social activities such as an English-themed game night. 

SABES also undertakes volunteer and service activities. Events hosted by SABES vary based on membership input and desire, and past events have included group attendance of a play, hosting a recognized poet, having a book drive, holding a book club, and sponsoring a writing contest for middle school students. 

Membership and offices in the Society are open to students from across the university, and all are welcome to SABES events.


Contact Dr. Yasmin DeGout, the faculty advisor of SABES.

You can also visit the Sterling Notes Blog and follow them on Twitter @HUsabes.


Sterling Notes

Sterling Notes is the literary arts journal of The Sterling Allen Brown English Society based out of Howard University in Washington D.C. This publication brings together creative and intellectual voices from the Howard University community and beyond in order to give the reader a glimpse into the varied and beautiful work is done at The Mecca as well as in other spaces where Black thought and creativity thrive.


In the Spring of 2019, Sterling Notes moved online and refocused as a literary journal. Current and archived issues can be found here

Its prior incarnation as a newsletter can be found both on the new site and old.


Cover of Sterling Notes Spring 2023